Relax with a variety of PDC Spas

SE Series Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the SE Series.

  • ANTERO: Compact seating for 3
  • BOULDERO: Seating for 6 with 34 jets
  • COLUMBIA: Spacious seating for 6
  • DENALI: Open wide seating for 7
  • EVEREST: Lounge and buckets seating for 7
  • VANCOUVER: Popular octagon shape with 6 seats

Standard Features:

  • TemperLok™ Insulation
  • PowerFlo™ Filtration
  • Self-Diagnostic 400 Control
  • Mood Light
  • Deluxe Thermal Cover TemperBase™ solid floor
  • EverPure™ Ozone "ready"
  • 4 Cabinet Finish Selection
  • 3 Acrylic Spa Color Selection
  • 25 Year Hot Tub Warranty

River Series Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the River Series.

  • NILE

Standard Features:

  • Air Control: 1 control for zoned additional jet pressure adjustment
  • Pillows: 3 headrests
  • Control Center: Balboa Revolution Series backlit digital system, programmable
  • Lighting: Aurora system, multi-colored LED underwater light with 2 spaside lighted drink coasters
  • Filtration: Pristine filtration system, efficient reliable floating weir design
  • Sanitation: Ozone as natural water purifier requiring less chemical maintenance
  • Thermal Design: TemperLok insulated shell & cabinet with solid floor base
  • Safety Cover: Thermally efficient, locking ASTM approved, Brown or Gray
  • Heating: 4KW inline stainless steel
  • Electrical: 220V/240V, 50 amp GFCI breaker (sold separately)
  • Warranty: 10 years Structure & Finish, 2 years parts, 1 year labor, 3 years on cover.

LX Series Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the LX Series.

  • ANTIGUA: Wide open seating for 8
  • ARUBA: Most Popular! seating for 5
  • BALI: Lounge and open seating for 8
  • BISCAYNE: NEW! Loaded seating for 5
  • CABO: Reversible lounge with seating for 3
  • DYNASTY: Seating for 4 with lounge
  • FIJI: Seating for 7 with 112 jets
  • RENO: Double lounge with seating for 6
  • RIO: Round Design with seating for 6
  • SUNRISE: So unique!! DeckLounger™ and seats for 5

Standard Features:

  • TemperLok™ Insulation
  • PowerFlo™ Filtration
  • Self-Diagnostic 600 Control
  • MotionGlow™ Hot Tub Lighting
  • Air'assage™ Spa Air Therapy
  • TemperBase™ Hot Tub Floor Hot Tub Waterfall Jet
  • EverPure™ Ozone with EverLite
  • 4 Hot Tub Cabinet Finish Selection
  • 11 Acrylic Spa Color Selection
  • 35 Year Hot Tub Warranty
  • Deluxe Thermal Cover

Smart Spa Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the Smart Spas.


Standard Features:

  • HeatTrap™ Insulation System
  • Digital Control Center and Mood Lighting
  • PermaWood™ Slate Cabinet and Sunstar Gray Thermal Cover
  • Unsurpassed Hydrotherapy with up to 25 Jets
  • Simple Water Purification with the Standard Ozone System

Swim Spa Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the Swim Spas.

  • FX14
  • FX15
  • FX17
  • FX219

Standard Features:

  • The FX14 designed for the space and budget conscious, the FX15 offering a 10'10" exercise space, and the FX17 with nearly 13' of open fitness area. All these models feature 16HP of water action, 6 Synergy fitness jets and 38 hydrotherapy jets. Unlike any other, the FX219 dual zone features a nearly 14' fitness zone and 5' relaxation zone, each separate in controls, heating and filtration. You choose to exercise or rejuvenate in the hot tub, or do both!

    Sales tax, and freight not included in pricing. A licensed electrician is required in most cases to run wiring. Delivery may be additional in certain cases.

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