Relax with a variety of PDC Spas

SE Series Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the SE Series.

  • ANTERO: Compact seating for 3
  • BOULDERO: Seating for 6 with 34 jets
  • COLUMBIA: Spacious seating for 6
  • DENALI: Open, wide seating for 7
  • EVEREST: Lounge and bucket seating for 7
  • VANCOUVER: Popular octagon shape with 6 seats

Standard Features:

  • TemperLok™ Insulation
  • PowerFlo™ Filtration
  • Self-Diagnostic 400 Control
  • Mood Light
  • Deluxe Thermal Cover TemperBase™ Solid Floor
  • EverPure™ Ozone "Ready"
  • 4 Cabinet Finish Selection
  • 3 Acrylic Spa Color Selection
  • 25 Year Hot Tub Warranty

River Series Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the River Series.

  • NILE

Standard Features:

  • Air Control: 1 control for zoned additional jet pressure adjustment
  • Pillows: 3 headrests
  • Control Center: Balboa Revolution Series backlit digital system, programmable
  • Lighting: Aurora system, multi-colored LED underwater light with 2 spa-side lighted drink coasters
  • Filtration: Pristine filtration system, efficient reliable floating weir design
  • Sanitation: Ozone as natural water purifier requiring less chemical maintenance
  • Thermal Design: TemperLok insulated shell & cabinet with solid floor base
  • Safety Cover: Thermally efficient, locking ASTM approved, brown or gray
  • Heating: 4KW inline stainless steel
  • Electrical: 220V/240V, 50 amp GFCI breaker (sold separately)
  • Warranty: 10 years structure & finish, 2 years parts, 1 year labor, 3 years on cover.

LX Series Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the LX Series.

  • ANTIGUA: Wide open seating for 8
  • ARUBA: Most Popular! seating for 5
  • BALI: Lounge and open seating for 8
  • BISCAYNE: NEW! Loaded seating for 5
  • CABO: Reversible lounge with seating for 3
  • DYNASTY: Seating for 4 with lounge
  • FIJI: Seating for 7 with 112 jets
  • RENO: Double lounge with seating for 6
  • RIO: Round Design with seating for 6
  • SUNRISE: So unique!! DeckLounger™ and seats for 5

Standard Features:

  • TemperLok™ Insulation
  • PowerFlo™ Filtration
  • Self-Diagnostic 600 Control
  • MotionGlow™ Hot Tub Lighting
  • Air'assage™ Spa Air Therapy
  • TemperBase™ Hot Tub Floor Hot Tub Waterfall Jet
  • EverPure™ Ozone with EverLite
  • 4 Hot Tub Cabinet Finish Selection
  • 11 Acrylic Spa Color Selection
  • 35 Year Hot Tub Warranty
  • Deluxe Thermal Cover

Smart Spa Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the Smart Spas.


Standard Features:

  • HeatTrap™ Insulation System
  • Digital Control Center and Mood Lighting
  • PermaWood™ Slate Cabinet and Sunstar Gray Thermal Cover
  • Unsurpassed Hydrotherapy with up to 25 Jets
  • Simple Water Purification with the Standard Ozone System

Swim Spa Hot Tub Collection

for complete details on the Swim Spas.

  • FX14: For the space & budget conscious
  • FX15: 10'10'' exercise space
  • FX17: Nearly 13' open fitness area
  • FX219: Unlike any other! Nearly 14' fitness zone and 5' relaxation zone with separate controls, heating and filtration

Standard Features:

  • 16HP of Water Action
  • 6 Synergy Fitness Jets
  • 38 Hydrotherapy Jets

Sales tax, and freight not included in pricing. A licensed electrician is required in most cases to run wiring. Delivery may be additional in certain cases.

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